Mark built my parents home, and a few summers ago he did some improvements at my own home in Plymouth. I remember really appreciating his listening skills--he was patient with me while I detailed everything I wanted. Next he introduced me to his team, they really did an excellent job in a quick time frame. I remember being very happy with the work they did, Mark has a natural talent to create beautiful things with ease (it makes me a little envious, and makes him invaluable).
Most importantly, I never felt "nickel and dimed." On the front end Mark worked to make an accurate estimate, so there were no surprises along the way. After it was all complete I remember feeling like I got such a good deal that I actually gave him an extra $100 or so as a "thank you".
I don't want to sound too "glowing" because, of course, we are all human, but Mark's talent, hardworking team, and trustworthiness would make him my first choice if I was going to do another building project.
Jesse Ray

St. Josephs Building Co. 2011
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