Our Services
Below is a list of the services we provide. If there is anything that we can assist you with or if you have any questions
at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to assist you.

General Services


We can show you what plans will work best on the site you have chosen. We can construct 3-D models of your home so you get a better sense of what your home will actually be like.

General Services

General Services

• Framing - Smart Frames, Timber Framing, Straw Bale Framing
• Roofing - Metal & Asphalt Roofing
• Siding
• Decks
• Foundations
• Out Buildings

Eco Interiors

Amish Cabinets

• Paint sealer and stain by AFM Safecoat 
• Bamboo Cabinetry
• Kirei board cabinetry  (kirei boadr is an engineered panel constructed of the stalks of the sorghum plant)
• Durapalm cabinetry  (wood salvaged from palm trees that no longer produce fruit)

Super insulated double wall systems (R-40)   (imgres-1.jpeg)
Timber Frame with structural Insulated panels  (chapel project)
Post and beam & timber framed with straw bale as an insulation infill
R-50  (grass lake straw bale project)
• Laminated log homes (up to R-21.7)  
Natural building rammed earth & adobe
• ICF (insulated concrete forms) for foundations and structure
• Smart Framing (conventional 2x6 walls with an exterior foam layer) 
• Living roofs  (Ann arbor straw bale project) 
• Alternative Energy (solar, wind and wood)

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