Barn Reclaimed Timbers
Reclaimed Barn Timbers

Salvaged materials save resouces and energy while bringing
rich history and singular character to your project.
Solar Study
Passive Solar Shadow Study

Passive solar design uses the sun's rays to directly heat mass and move
air. It is the most cost effective and productive green building strategy
there is. With proper site orientation, landscaping, shading, and window
placement, the energy efficiency and comfort of the building increase
dramatically while adding nothing to the overall project cost.

If you employ only one sustainable design strategy when planning your
new shelter or addition, make it passive solar. We can show you how!

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Strawbale Construction

We offer alternative construction methods that combine the best of the leading edge
and ancient technologies to maximize efficiency and expand possibilities.


I began building houses back in 1992 and have not stopped since. I love creating beautiful lasting places for people to enjoy! Traditionally built homes have been my forte as long as I can remember, but building with alternative materials and techniques is something that I enjoy doing and sharing.

I have found that the idea of living simply and building a smaller home over time, without getting into debt, appeals to a broad range of people. I hope to show more people that this is possible with the straw bale and alternative building options.

We are now also located in the Baaken Region of North Dakota where we specialize in Commercial Shops and Large Custom Homes.
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